Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Celebrity Status

Take a guess at who is a popular celebrity here in England - David Hasselhoeff? No, that would be Germany, where he is affectionantly known as "The Hoeff". David Beckham? Well, duh. He is English. Try Donny Osmond. Yes, that's right; I said DONNY OSMOND!!! Over the past week, I've heard and seen more about Donny O. than I ever have before. The first instance was as the primary guest on an afternoon talk show called "The Paul O'Grady Show" (think of the Rosie O'Donnell show before she went loco and with a real Irishman). Imagin Brad Pitt or whoever is the hottest celeb at the moment making an appearance on a talk show and everyone is so excited - that was Donny O. on this show. The second instance was that I heard he ws touring; in other words, IN CONCERT, and was playing in Sheffield (and I think was sold out). The third instance was at quiz night last week at The Commerical (a favorite pub of some friends of ours). One of our friends mentioned him and how great he was in "Joseph and the Amazing Technocolor Dream Coat" musical by Andrew Loyd Webber. I told her that I've seen Donny all over the place and asked her why he was so popular here. My friend then told me that when he played Joseph, some time ago, that he was so good that he kind of became this standard for the musical ever after. Interesting...I wonder how Marie feels about this???

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