Monday, May 12, 2008

Sheffield Wednesday

In my last post I wrote about how Rob and I went to a Sheffield United football match; we had a great time and told some of our English friends, the Battey's. Now, Sheffield has two football teams: Sheffield United and Sheffield Wednesday. The side of Sheffield we live on is supposedly on the Wednesday side and most of the residents here support Wednesday. When we told our friends that we had been to a United match they said this wouldn't do (such a great English phrase!), so they generously took us to Sheffield Wednesday's last home match a couple of weekends ago. The stadium was packed with blue and white (the Wednesday colors) and, I have to say, the crowd was much more lively than the United crowd (sorry, United). The Wednesday fans sang through almost the entire match and were so joyous when Wednesday scored. Wednesday won 4-1 and the fans were very happy. I should mention that I was able to have the complete football match experience by having a chicken pie with a cup of bovril (supposed to be like gravy, but more like a broth); and, yes, they were both good! I've included the lyrics to some of the Wednesday songs and, if I can find it on video, will include the link. The pictures include the Battey family (well, most of them), a chicken pie, a cup of bovril and the match. Enjoy!

Sheffield Wednesday Song Lyrics (by the way, their mascot is the owl).

"And it's High Ho Sheffield Wednesday, no matter where you go now baby, I see your sun is shining, but I won't make a fuss, though it's obvious." - To the tune of Hi Ho Silver Lining by Jeff Beck.

"I never felt more like singing the blues, when Wednesday win, United lose, oh Wednesday, you got me singing the blues." - To the tune of 'Singing the Blues.'

"Hark now here, the Wednesday sing, United ran away and we will fight for ever more because of Boxing Day." - To the tune of 'Mary's Boy Child' by Boney M.

"Honolulu Wednesday, where d'you get those eyes? Honolulu Wednesday, in paradise." - To the tune of Honolulu Baby.

"The Wednesday, the Wednesday, the Wednesday" - A favourite chant of the North Stand regulars.

"I love you Wednesday and if it's quite alright,
I love you Wednesday because I'm a Wednesdayite,
I love you Wednesday, trust in me when I say (repeat)"
(To the tune of "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" by Andy Williams)

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How exactly do you "mascot" a Wednesday?