Saturday, July 16, 2005

Week four

The weeks are flying by! We've just completed our fourth week of excavations and only have two left! Amazing!

I spent last weekend in Jerusalem. My friend, Diane, invited my friend Mandy and I to stay the weekend at her flat in west Jerusalem. We enjoyed good food, good weather and good company. It was so nice to get out of the kibbutz and the stiflingly heat of the Bet Shean Valley. Thanks Diane!

I am happy to say that week four was more interesting than the previous three, as far as features and special finds are concerned. We excavated more Iron Age walls which make up a small room, an interests rock formation, a juglet, a black juglet, and a taboon (cooking oven) just outside of the room. Other squares in area J have also uncovered taboons, which may mean that we are excavating some dwellings. Area C has excavated a large courtyard which contained a large grinding slab and a mortar sitting next to it. A volunteer also found a clay seal while sifting the dirt from his square.

This weekend includes staying at the kibbutz and working. A few friends and I may share a taxi up to Tiberias, which is the major city on the Sea of Galilee. Tiberias is only half and hour north of us and possess a good kosher Chinese restaurant. Yum! I will also try to publish some more pictures. Until then...

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