Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Moving time!

I am currently taking a break from packing and cleaning. Our suitcases are stuffed to the brim and our spirits are tired. We haven't been sleeping well simply because our minds are racing with all the details of our move. Managing such a move has taken over the excitement of this adventure; but! it is coming back as the reality of it begins to set in.

Last night was our last in our apartment; tonight we are staying the night at our friend's house who is also taking us to the airport tomorrow. We've been saying goodbye to co-workers, friends and family the last two weeks and it really does begin to take a toll on one's spirit. We will truly miss our community here in NY, but are looking forward to the adventure ahead.

Speaking of community, let me tell you a little bit about Rob's job: Rob will begin his employment as a youth worker at a Anglican church once we arrive. This church has been extremely gracious and kind to us; they truly have taken us under their wings and we are not even there yet! First of all, they found us an incredible place to live and people have donated slightly used or new furnishings for us. They are also giving Rob the first couple weeks off so he can adjust, work out some other details such as phones, and rest. They have truly thought of everything! We feel so blessed to be part of this church who have gone above and beyond and have truly showed us what community is all about.

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we travel tomorrow. We will update you all as soon as we get settled!

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