Tuesday, September 04, 2007

We're Here!

We've arrived safe and sound! We spent Wednesday cleaning our apartment and then spent the evening recouping at our friend's Bo and Christie's house, which was exactly what we needed! Thursday we left the house around 11 am and headed down to JFK airport in NYC. We are glad we gave our selves plenty of time since we did run into traffic in the city. There were a couple of areas that we were anticapting some stress or problems with: one - checking in with all of our HEAVY bags; two - going through customs and immigration. Both of which, I am happy to say, went amazingly well. No problems with either. In fact, since we had a lay over in Dublin, we went through customs and immigration there and did not have to go through the major questioning like we would have in England. Nancy, who has been a major asset in our move, picked us up from the airport with a man from the church who had a "7 passanger carriage". Once we arrived in Chapeltown, we went to our new home. I've got to tell you, these people really spent a lot of time, energy and money on our new place. The house was clean, food was in the kitchen, a welcome box with maps, speciality Yorkshire foods, and notes of welcome from the youth and various members of the church.

Well, I wish I had more time to give you more details, but we have to go. I am hoping to get our internet connection figured out soon. So, I will blog again as soon as I can.

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