Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Almost there....

Well, our broadband stuff finally arrived yesterday (yahoo!); but, am having some difficulty getting it set up (sense frustration here). A new friend is an IT guy who knows MACS and he is going to come over tonight after work and hopefully get it all figured out. As soon as it is, we will be able to call, email, blog, ichat, etc... and we are eagerly anticipating it! I think part of my frustration is due in part to the fact that I didn't think these details would take as long to get figured out.

But, enough of the complaining. Let me tell you about Friday. Friday was a really good day. Rick, Rob's boss, and his wife invited us to spend the day with them. First we went to the city center and Rick showed us where the good bookstores were. Then we drove out to Derbyshire, which is about 40 min. into the country. We had lunch at this great pub. Seriously, imagine the ideal English pub - this was the place. They even had a couple of old English men in caps, tweed coats and smoking a pipe outside with some chocolate labs. Seriously, it was like a movie. Rob was loving it. For lunch I had a bowl of a broccolie and cheese soup, but instead of the cheese being a cheddar it was stillton. Oh my, was it good. I can't wait to go back! We then went for a "walk" around the countryside. All over England there are there public footpaths that people going walking on. I think the term walking is a bit misleading - it's more like a light hike when on one in the country. As soon as our internet is figured out, I will post some pictures. It was beautiful. It was so nice to get out of the town and see the coutryside.

Rob started work on Monday and he is glad to be busy. My school doesn't begin until the first of October. So, I've got a couple of weeks to get the last bit of details figured out. I am really looking forward to it starting. Rob and I will spend a couple of days in London next week when my parents are there for a brief lay-over.

Will blog more when I have the opportunity at home!

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