Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Friday was a bad day - I won't bore you with the details. Let's just say that I spent most of the day trying to figure out why our broadband set up wasnt' working properly and was on the phone to the tec support in India most of the day, as well. But! on Saturday a new friend of ours was able to help us and now we are connected to the outside world! I feel so much better now that this problem is solved. Last Thursday I met my supervisor, Diana (who is an American) at the University. She introduced me to her other new Ph.D. student, James, who is also an American. We went to lunch and I was suprised when I felt that it was so nice to talk to other Americans. Even though we are living in the land of the English, some regional dialects are very hard to understand, not to mention American idoms and English idoms are very different. I realized how much more work it takes to speak to someone from another country even if they speak the same language. The University system here works differently and I hope that I don't overlook something I am supposed to do. The Biblical Studies department staff are very friendly and helpful and I am sure they will inform us more thoroughly at our orientation on Monday. I am really looking forward to starting my classes and, of course, am a bit nervous, as well. Our things will arrive on Friday (finally!) and I am looking forward to getting my warmer clothing since fall has definitly arrived here. We are also meeting up with my parents in London this week. They will be on a lay-over heading to Tuscany and am so excited to see them. A couple interesting food things worth mentioning is that they don't have pumpkin pie or cornbread here. I am going to try to find the ingredients and make it for some of our new friends. Hopefully I will find them!

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